Summer time and the livins’ busy!

Wow! I have been a busy doula this summer and I love it! Attending all these beautiful births has just hammered in that I am called to this! I really have loved it.

I’ve attended three births since I last posted, each of them special and wonderful in their own way. I love this!!


And a reminder, although I am on maternity leave coming in August, I am still continuing to take prenatal clients up until I am too exhausted to think 😉 What does this entail? Well here’s a quick description:

Prenatal meet up – 2-3 hours – This time will help you to process your thoughts and feelings about your upcoming birth. We can work on birth art, discuss, role play, whatever you believe will be the most helpful for you to obtain the birth you feel you would like. We will go over a birth choices plan, with various scenarios.


This has been extra popular with c section mamas! So often we don’t think of the choices we have when it comes to c sections, but they are there! I love helping any mom to feel that her birth was her own… so please contact me if you’d like to set up an appointment.





Little Miss


and Mr.


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