Sponsor me as I ch’ear’lead for Sophie and Madigan’s Playground!

If you know me, you know of a charity that is incredibly dear to my heart: Sophie and Madigan’s Playground. This charity is raising money to build a destination playground in Frederick, MD. The reason this playground is being built, is to honor the beautiful lives of Sophie and Madigan. Soph and Maggie Moo are an important part of our family. When I met their family, Sophie was a tiny babe. I remember getting the call when Madigan was born. Our little turkey :). We’ve had countless sleepovers, big adventures, and play dates. These girls (and their sisters Sadie, Morgan and new brother Mason) were and are a huge part of my heart. My boys considered them sisters. When they passed it left a hole in our hearts. We are working to raise money to help keep their spirit alive. The girls loved to be outside and playing. . We would have play dates where all the kids would be outside all day (even when my boys would whine ;). This playground will be a place where those kind of memories will be made.

Now to the ch’ear’ing part! Disney has always been a big part of the Lillard family’s lives, and now subsequently ours. Our last big adventure before we lost the girls was a big trip to Disney World. To say it was magical would be an understatement. Both our families had an amazing time. We even surprised the kids. We didn’t tell them that we were meeting. It was so fun when they saw each other at the carousel at Magic Kingdom.

They, as well as a lot of our friends, are running in the Princess Half Marathon for the girls, and I’ll be ch’ear’ing for them! As part of the ch’ear’ squad I am raising money for the playground. My goal is 3000! If I make it to my goal I will shave a Mohawk into my hair and dye it pink and blue. PLEASE HELP GET ME TO MY GOAL! 😀 Every little bit counts!

You can click here to donate. Thank you!







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