Currently I am working as a not for profit doula. I am only accepting barter/free births and am only taking a very small amount of clients. I am always available for the mini mama package, however! Please contact me to chat about your options.

main mama package 

Interview – 30-45 minutes – You can’t relax if you can’t trust everyone in the room. This is a huge step in hiring a doula. I am not the doula for everyone, we must be able to connect. You can ask me questions, and I will ask you questions. We may discuss previous births, hopes that you have, etc to figure out if we are a good match.


Prenatal meet up – 2 hours long – This meeting allows us to get to know each other better. We will go over your birth choices plan, birth scenarios, any fears, hopes, etc that you may have. This is a great time as well for me to meet your partner. Please wear comfortable clothes, as we may work through movements and positioning as well. If 2 hours doesn’t seem to be enough time, we can talk about additional time if needed.

Labor and Delivery – I come when you ask me to come, and stay until the birth. There are certain situations where we may, together, decide that it’s best for me to go home, but the decision is ours to make.

After Birth period – After the birth, I will stay with you for approximately an hour, barring any rough situations. We will check baby’s latch, make sure you are comfortable.

Postpartum meet up – 1 hour long – I will meet you at your home (unless you prefer somewhere else) within the first week of birth. We can process and discuss your birth story I can help with any feeding problems or concerns.

Postpartum period — I am available to you via text, phone, email, facebook for six weeks after birth to help you! I can connect you with other professionals that can help with various problems or concerns.

On call availability from 38 weeks on. At 38 weeks, I will not travel outside a 90 mile radius of Frederick, MD. If an emergency arises, my back up doula will be on call, if it is stated in your contract that there is a back up doula available. In the unlikely event of a birth before 38 weeks, I will try to be at the birth. If you have a history of precipitous birth, we can discuss on call availability being earlier.


I will be available to you via phone, text, or email from the time you book my services until you are six weeks postpartum.

mini mama package 

Prenatal meet up – 2-3 hours – This time will help you to process your thoughts and feelings about your upcoming birth. We can work on birth art, discuss, role play, whatever you believe will be the most helpful for you to obtain the birth you feel you would like. We will go over a birth choices plan, with various scenarios.


mama provider add on 

This can be purchased along with either package. I will attend your provider visit, birth choices plan in hand, to help you to advocate for yourself. This does not mean I will tell the provider what is happening, I will be there for support for you. This can really come in handy if you have felt with previous births that you couldn’t advocate for yourself.


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